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On November 2, 2019, the UAE launched a national project to design and create the UAE Nation Brand logo that represents the country to the world. Through highlighting the distinctive features of the Emirates, the Nation Brand aims to share the country’s journey of development and progress as an inspiring success story worth celebrating and sharing with the world.

Seven lines rise up tall with momentum, optimism, and dynamism as a tribute to the seven bold founding leaders who shaped the Emirates and united their people’s aspirations under one flag. Seven lines, shaping the map of the Emirates with the flag colors, represent the future-focused leaders of the seven emirates united towards the country’s growth and driven by persistence and resilience in the face of challenges.
The lines, vibrant in color, reflect the UAE’s ongoing journey of development driven by a wave of progress, innovation, excellence and boundless aspirations, and the unflinching belief that nothing is impossible to those determined to make their dreams a reality.

Personifying the unity amongst the people and embodying the spirit of the nation, the logo’s color palette is inspired from the colors of the UAE flag: the powerful red, optimist green, deep black, and peaceful white.
Commemorating the UAE Nation Brand, Emirates Post issues a set of distinctive stamps in celebration of the Emirates’ story.

Number of stamps per sheet: 7 stamps

Price per sheet: 21 AED

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