Camel Mazayina


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Camel Mazayina

Camel Mazayina is divided into two main categories: Asayel and Majahim

Asayel camels were referred to as Humr Al-Niaam in the tradition of the noble Prophet (Peace Be upon Him). They were also known as Red Nouq (Camels). They were mentioned in history when Antar abin Shaddad (the legendary warrior and poet) went to the west of the Arabian Peninsula to fetch them as dowry for his beloved Abla. Their origin and places of presence are the UAE and Oman.

-Majahim’s origins were in Najed, in Saudi Arabia.

Names, colour and ages of camels

  •  Houra: from birth until 1 year old (plural: Hiran)
  •  Mafroud: When one year old,  the baby camel is separated from its mother after breastfeeding (Plural: Mafarid, female: Mafrouda)
  •  Haq: when it is two years old. Also called Walad Al Laboun (female: Haqqa)
  •  Luqi: when it is three years old (female: Jaz)
  •  Jatha: when it is four years old (female: Jathaa)
  •  Thani: when it is five years old (female: Thaniya)
  •  Rubaa: when it is six years old, also called Hayel
  •  Sadees: seven years old and above

When the exact date of birth of a female camel is unknown, it is calculated by the number of births it has given, such as :

  • Bakr: the camel that gave birth for the first time
  • Thanou or Um Thani: the camel that gave birth twice (Um Thalith, Um Rabe, for giving third and a fourth birth respectively, and so on)

Camels reach the age of puberty at four (i.e. Jathaa)

Some camel names

A small female camel is called Bakra and the male one Quoud-

After the age of four, a male camel is called Fahl or Jamal Al Ibel-

A female camel is generally called Naqa after insemination-

An old male camel is called Haresh and a female one is called Fatir-

A female camel during the period of insemination is called Muashir (plural: Ishar). It is known by lifting its tail when meeting the male (Fahl)-

A female camel after six month of insemination and after showing signs of pregnancy is called Laqha (plural: Luqah)-

A female camel near the stage of giving birth is called Maqreb-

After giving birth, a female camel is called Khalfa (plural Khalfat)-

Six months or more after giving birth, a female camel is called Ishra (plural Ishar). This usually happens during the summer as camels normally give birth in spring-

A female camel that cannot be inseminated is called Hayel (plural Heel)-

A female camel that had a miscarriage is called Masaad-

In support of efforts to preserve purebred camels of the local Asayel and Majahim, and highlight the Bedouin culture and invigorate the heritage scene in the UAE, Emirates Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps in two denominations along with a distinctive Souvenir Sheet.