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Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai hosts the 2012 World Energy Forum WEF at a stage where the UAE in general, and Dubai in particular, have proactively initiated programs to diversify energy sources by adopting clean and green energy solutions.
Innovations are built around formulas that help make the world a better place. As a nation spearheading initiatives and innovations in sustainability, the UAE is proud to host the World Energy Forum 2012 for the first time outside United Nations headquarters in New York. The forum is organized under the theme ‘A Forum for World Leaders’ the 2012 World Energy Forum aims to share views and discuss energy and its sustainability with the ultimate goal of providing safe sustainable energy to everyone and achieving economic and social development for the peoples of the world.
Hosting the 2012 Energy Forum is the culmination of the efforts of many individuals in a number of organizations and bodies under the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, supported by the UAE’s wise leadership.
Dubai was selected to host this event after fierce competition from other international venues and cities. The World Energy Forum chose Dubai as a venue to host this event because of Dubai’s geographic and strategic location and its status as a global hub of finance, business, trade, energy, and tourism.

As part of its commitment to support UAE events by promoting them locally and internationally, and in recognition of their vital role in the overall development, Emirates Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps to mark the 50th the World Energy Forum 2012, in addition to a distinctive Souvenir Sheet.

Sold as: 50 stamps per denomination, a total of 200 stamps in 4 sheets

Stamp Price: 1 AED, 2 AED, 3 AED, 4 AED

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