Launching of the new Dubai Police Corporate Identity


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“Smart. Secure. Together. As Dubai has evolved as a global identity, it becomes imperative for the city to pave the way for innovation and forward-thinking strategies to lead the world in becoming the happiest and safest place on earth.

The ability to foresight and courageously perform duties has made Dubai Police the most formidable force in protecting and empowering the community. While doing so, the police ensures happiness in everybody’s life.

The only way to achieve our objectives that aligns with Dubai’s vision is to focus on community engagement. Our impeccable services thrive on the principle of community involvement backed with the power of innovation. We love sharing our happiness with the community we serve. We measure our success on the scale of happy faces we are dedicated to serving.

Commemorating New Dubai Police Corporate Identity Values, Emirates Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps, in addition to a distinctive Souvenir Sheet.”

Number of stamps per sheet: 16

Price per stamp sheet: 48 AED


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