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Arabic coffee is much more than a hot tonic; it is an art, a lifestyle and a journey into history. It is also a tradition that goes back into ancient times.
In an effort to highlight the tools used in the making of Arabic coffee, Emirates Post has issued a set of special postage stamps in four denominations featuring some of these tools and their local names:
Al Tawa and Al Mehmas: They are of average depth, and are used in roasting coffee. Al Tawa is made of iron. Al Mehmas is made of iron or copper, and is used for mixing the coffee grains while roasting the coffee, or to lift bread from hot surface.
Al Menhaz and Al Rashad: These are used for softening and thinning coarse food, and grinding the coffee. Made of wood, iron or copper, they come in various shapes, but the general shape is conical deep at the bottom and narrows at the top. Al Rashad is the tool used for grinding and smoothing inside Al Menhaz, and is made of wood or iron or copper. It is also known as Al Hashemi, and used for grinding coffee grains.
Al Dallah: Since ancient times Al Dallah has been associated with the making of Arabic coffee. Coffee is boiled in it and then poured from it. It was historically made of pottery by professional manufacturers in the mountainous areas; over the year metallic types have become more common, especially those made of copper.
Al Fenjan: Coffee is poured into Al Fenjan. Coffee cups are usually placed in a small vessel called (Al Mellah) containing water that is used to wash the cups.

Sold as: 10 stamps per denomination, a total of 40 stamps in 4 sheets

Stamp Price: 1 AED, 1.5 AED, 3 AED, 4 AED

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