Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


The majestic Sheikh Zayed Mosque is probably the most imposing religious and national landmark in Abu Dhabi to date. It is also arguably one of the most important architectural treasures of contemporary UAE society – and one of the most beautiful in the world – initiated no less by the late president Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is fondly thought of as the father of UAE.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is seen as a “globally unifying” landmark from its conception to completion, bringing together designers, features, materials and suppliers from nearly every corner of the globe: Italy, Germany, Morocco, India, Turkey, Iran, China, Greece and the UAE. 

The Mosque can accommodate up to 40,960 worshippers from its prayer, and contributed to the construction, which covers an area of 22,412 square meters which is equivalent to the size of five football pitches, more than 3000 employees and 38 global construction companies. 

The Mosque’s initial architectural design was Moroccan, but it evolved to include many global features, including exterior walls that are of traditional Turkish design. Natural materials were chosen for its design and construction, which include marble, stone, gold, semi-precious stones, crystals and ceramics.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque features 82 domes all decorated with white marble.. Furthermore, beautiful minarets standing 107 metres are built on the four corners of the Mosque.

Commemorating this unique Islamic architecture, Emirates Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps for the mosque of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nah