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Poet Hamad Bin Khalifa Abu Shehab

Poet Hamad Bin Khalifa Abu Shehab was born in 1932 in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE.

He completed his first studies at the traditional school in Ajman.

He was fond of poetry from childhood and started writing poetry from the age of 9. He had a passion to rhyming poems all his life, whether in “nabat” or literary poetry.

Abu Shehab has a deep interest in documenting Emirati heritage including folk poetry, history of the UAE and ancestries of the region.

He also supervised the compilation of several poetic volumes of the “nabat’ poets of the UAE.

The Poet Hamad Bin Khalifa Abu Shehab passed away in 2002.

In recognition of the poet’s unique contribution to poetry, and as part of the efforts to promote the culture and literature, in coordination with scientific and cultural Association, Emirates post has issued set of commemorative stamps in two denominations (AED 1 & AED 2)