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The Post’s history introduces the civilization, cultural and social customs of the country through letters and stamps.
Stamps speak volumes of a country’s history and heritage by documenting significant milestones and sharing them with the world.
The stamps of the United Arab Emirates reflect various aspects of both the history of the nation and the culture of its people and document the history of postal services in the region.
1909 First postal agency established in the Emirate of Dubai, affiliated to India Post
1932 First letter posted from Dubai Postal Agency via Sharjah Airport
1942 The Agency became a fully integrated Post Office providing all postal services.
1961 The first set of Trucial States stamps issued in Dubai
1963-1964 The opening of post offices in each of the Emirates
1971 Unification of the Emirates
1972 Establishment of General Directorate of Postal Services under Ministry of Communications
1973 Issuance of the first stamps bearing the name of the United Arab Emirates
1973 The UAE joins the Universal Postal Union
1985 General Postal Authority established
2001 Federal Decree establishing Emirates Postal Establishment (Emirates Post) issued
2006 UAE selected by the UPU to host its Strategy Conference in Dubai – the first time held outside the UPU headquarters
2007 Establishment of Emirates Post Group Holding, with Emirates Post becoming a subsidiary of the Group
2013 Issuance of Federal Law establishing Emirates Post Group
2016 First postal entity worldwide to receive the International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE2012) Certification by the British Standards Institution (BSI) Middle East & Africa
2016 Fastest postal delivery service in the world according to the Integrated Index for Postal Development 2IPD report
2018 UAE ranks eighth in world’s top 10 countries and first among Arab countries for International Express Mail services
2019 Business Transformation Strategy deployed to meet global industry demands, secure continued business growth, and maintain the position as a leading postal organization proudly serving the UAE.

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