Winter Plants of the UAE


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Winter Plants of the UAE

In coordination with Horticulture and Public Parks Department – Dubai Municipality, Emirates Post has issued a set of special stamps in six denominations on some winter plants of the UAE.

Puncturevine :

Herbaceous creeper plants with dense branches extend to more than 60 cm, with the stems and branches stretching to cover the soil. Compound pinnate leaves, flowers single and yellow with short floral holder. This plant grows and spreads in the valleys, solid sand and waste lands. It is suitable for agriculture projects to combat desertification or as soil cover, and also useful in traditional medicine.


Annual or biennial herb 30 – 40 cm., dust coloured, erect or decumbent. The lower leaves are rectangular in shape. The upper leaves are sitting and small with pointed edge. The flowers are copund (consist of disc and radial flowers) mounted on a long stem, the flowers are yellow. This plant grows extensively in Hatta, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain areas. The plant is good food for camels and sheep. The leaves are edible.

Cart-track plant: 

An annual wild plant with simple leaves which are linear to lanceolate and full edged.  It is mostly found in Hatta, Aloha and Al Ain. The plant has uses in traditional medicine. 


Perennial shrub reaching a height of 1-2 meters. The stem is brown, branches are smooth, green and without leaves. Its flowers are white and bisexual. Its fruit is red and seeds are yellow. Arta is widespread in Masafi, Al Dhaid, Al Madam, Faqe, Al Hayer, Al Awir and Al Khawaneej areas. It is used to prevent sand erosion; it is good fodder and is used in traditional medicine.

Rohida Tree:

Large shrub or small tree, its stem is light brown, up to about 10 m height.  Its leaves are simple. The flowers are bell-shaped and orange in colour. It is found in the low rocky areas in Al Firfar Valley in Hatta. Suitable for the cultivation on highways and public parks, singly or in groups. It attracts birds and is used in traditional medicine.

Sorrel , bladderdock:

Annual herbaceous, with stems branching from the base with fleshy and oval leaves. Flowers are arranged in a cluster, the plant propagated by seeds.