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Emirati Almond Fruit 

Emirates Post Group has issued, for the first time, a collection of unique commemorative stamps in the shape of the Emirati almond fruit to support efforts aimed at preserving it. Through this initiative, Emirates Post Group reinforces its commitment to raise awareness about the natural resources in the UAE and support efforts to preserve them for future generations.

The Emirati almond fruit, locally known as ‘Al Beitham,’ is an Asian and tropical fruit with strong connections to the heritage of the UAE. Over the years, this fruit has become a symbol of authenticity and unity. Almond fruits have always been cherished as a beloved summer fruit throughout the generations across the UAE. Emirati almond fruit farms hold particular importance as their abundant shades have transformed them into beloved playgrounds for children in the emirates.

The almond tree is a semi-evergreen tree that grows in various forms in the hotter regions of the UAE and Oman. Almond trees can live for over thirty years and have numerous diverse uses, from their leaves being utilized for storing dates and molasses, to their dry branches serving as firewood