Securities and Commodities Authority


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Securities and Commodities Authority

“Lay the foundation of fair and balanced services to various categories of investors” 

Since its inception, The Securities and Commodities Authority  has worked on upgrading the performance of stock markets and commodity contracts in the United Arab Emirates, by virtue of the powers granted under Federal Law No. (4) for the year 2000 regarding the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority and Market.

The Authority has promoted the performance of stock markets and commodities through the organization of transactions within these markets. These markets are considered an important pillar of economic and financial stability in the country. The Authority also handles the  supervision and control over the markets and development of regulations and legislation in accordance with best practices, so as to protect the rights of investors in capital markets and commodity trading contracts .

               As part of its commitment to support UAE institutions by promoting them locally and internationally, and in recognition of the vital role in the overall development, Emirates Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps to mark the 10th  Anniversary of the Securities and Commodities  Authority, in addition to a distinctive Souvenir Sheet.