Sea Birds of the United Arab Emirates


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Sea Birds of the United Arab Emirates 

Black-Headed Gull                               AED 1

Winter migrant found in a wide range across Europe, Asia in addition to coastal Arabia. It migrates to the region from the end of November and is present until March. This bird is found on the coast, creeks and ports. 

Crab Plover                                             150 Fils 

Following the breeding season, this species disperses widely but some remain and winter here in the UAE. Hundreds nest on Abu Al Abiadh island. It breeds in May and the young crab plovers appear in June and July. It is also common on the creek Al Beidha from August until February. 

Grey Heron Ardea                                   AED 2 

Non-nesting common migrant  from August until April. This species prefers creeks, marshes, lakes and shallow water areas that contain fish. May be it is found in summer.

 Sooty Gull                                                   AED 3 

Resident in small numbers and nests at offshore islands from spring in mid-April until August. The species is common near the beaches outside the nesting season and fishing ports where it feeds on discarded fish. 

Socotra Cormorant                                     450 Fils

It is non-migratory species, inhabiting coastal and offshore areas. It nests in large colonies on some of the Gulf Islands usually between September and February. The actual period and duration of egg- laying and rearing of young depends on the availability of food. 

Caspian Gull                                                  550 Fils

A winter migrant  from September until early April. It is the most common species of the large gulls that winter here in the UAE.