51st National Day


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51st  National Day

United Arab Emirates

In celebration of the United Arab Emirates’ 51st National Day of the UAE’s formation, Emirates Post Group issued a set of distinguished commemorative stamps.

Through this special issuance, Emirates Post Group aims to highlight the 51st National Day through its historical and cultural heritage. It also seeks to record this important era in the country’s history and to honor its wise leaders for their guidance towards growth and progress. In addition, the collection is seen to contribute to strengthen unity and solidarity between the country’s leadership and its people.

:The 51st UAE National Day aims t 

Celebrate the UAE’s identity of rich culture, deeply rooted values, and unbound ambition•

 Showcase the everyday heroes of today to inspire future generations•

 Connect with and include everyone who calls the UAE home from different backgrounds and across the seven emirates•

The UAE has recorded many important and inspiring milestones and achievements in the fields of medicine and science, innovation and technology, governance and finance, tourism, education and social development, and art and culture. It also witnessed impressive economic and infrastructural revolutions, crowning the UAE as one of the leading investment hubs and tourist destinations in the world