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KhalifaSat is the first Emirati satellite that is 100% developed in the facilities of MBRSC in the UAE at the hands of Emirati engineers. It is one of the most technologically advanced remote sensing observation satellites. With five patents, this technological icon was manufactured by a team of Emirati engineers from MBRSC.

KhalifaSat is a source of inspiration for Emirati generations because it is the first satellite to be fully manufactured in the UAE. It is considered one of the first productions of the advanced technology industry in the UAE. It represents the plans of MBRSC aimed at developing a generation of Emirati scientists and engineers who will contribute to ambitious space projects over the next decade. This project is also a reflection of MBRSC’s strategy to encourage innovation and stimulate technological progress in the UAE.

KhalifaSat will provide high-quality detailed imagery enabling the UAE to provide competitive services all over the world in the satellite imagery sector. The images provided will be used in urban planning and management, which ensures effective optimisation of land use and realistic infrastructure proposals. Images will be used in developing detailed maps of targeted areas and monitoring major engineering and construction projects. In the field of environmental protection, KhalifaSat will monitor environmental changes locally and internationally to support global efforts exerted to preserve the environment. Therefore, KhalifaSat is expected to provide detailed imagery of the ice caps in the North and South Poles, helping to detect the effects of global warming. It will also provide detailed images of the areas that require close monitoring such as the ice caps in the North and South Poles.

Commemorating the history of this scientific achievement and promoting it locally and globally, Emirates Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps on KhalifaSat, in addition to a distinguished Souvenir Sheet.

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